Social Artworking® is the perfect way to enjoy a night out (or in) with friends and family or just by yourself. With Social Artworking, an individual or group starts with a trendy 12" x 12" or 16" x 20" canvas art pattern and all the supplies needed to complete the painting. After a few hours (between 1-3 hours) of laughter and fun, you bring home with a work of art that you created yourselves.

Each painting has been laid out full-colored with step-by-step instructions that's easy to follow. You'll see the illustrated tips and instructions that are the basis of the program — the Social Artworking Methodology.  Beginning painters may be intimidated to try, but the Social Artworking Methodology takes that feeling away and makes the whole experience fun and enjoyable.

Because every canvas is a unique creation made by you, with your own artistic style, there's no right or wrong way to complete a step. However, if you feel you've strayed too far from the instructions, our collection of tips and tricks will help get you back on track.