Bico Pottery Painting Studio has great ideas and plans to custom-made your Fundraising events. From daycares, elementary, secondary school, university, sports team to a private auction days, we can create a plan for you.

Sample fundraising options are:

Tile Walls: Your organization's members/students/family/friends/etc. can buy a tile at either our regular rate or higher. We provide the paint and brushes to your location or reserve studio time for supporters to paint the tiles as a group. We will then pick up the painted tiles, glaze and fire them and will arrange pick up or delivery to you for mounting as a tile walls. Tiles wall can be replaced as hanging ornaments, mugs, or plaques.

Private Events: Contact us ahead of time to arrange the items to be created and when you would like your group to come in (or if we are going to you). Paint, instruction and firing are all included in the cost of the pieces. After the event, items can be auctioned off at your fundraising events.